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Specialty Products Increase Customer Retention

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January 18, 2018


Specialty Products Increase Customer Retention 

How do you improve on five decades worth of great agronomic results?  The answer is getting customers to those results faster and with fewer hurdles.  One such method is through the addition of specialty products like LESCO® Aroma Masking Agent to your LESCO® product treatment plans. 

Any contractor or superintendent who has applied pesticide knows that it can sometimes be a less than pleasant experience.  The odor of certain pesticides is not only unpleasant to the applicator, but can linger for golfers and patrons.  By mixing LESCO® Aroma Masking Agent liquid into the sprayer along with the not-so-pleasant smelling other ingredients you can help get clients back to business faster.

Check out our short video below for more information on LESCO® Aroma Masking Agent.  Visit the products page to find out where you can buy other specialty items like spreader stickers, colorants and moisture management solutions to further enhance customer satisfaction and retention.