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Moisture Manager delivers healthy plants and water savings, all year long.

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Healthier Plants. Less Water.

Everywhere you irrigate, apply Moisture Manager by LESCO® to reduce watering and improve plant health. A hygroscopic humectant, Moisture Manager uses proprietary soil moisture management technology to maintain ideal moisture levels between periods of rain and drought. By doing so, it is universally proven to reduce plant water consumption by as much as 50%.  So whether your goal is to improve turf color, increase seed germination, maintain hanging or potted plants, or simply to save on your water bill and conserve this precious resource, count on LESCO Moisture Manager to deliver.  

See what Moisture Manager can do for you.

  • Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
  • Improve Seed Germination
  • Enhance Nutrient Efficiency
  • Increase Transplant Survival
  • Optimize Pesticide Efficiency
  • Reduce Watering Expenses

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LESCO Moisture Manager is helping your fellow landscape professionals put down less nitrogen and use less labor, all while growing revenues and their customer base. Hear from them, and SiteOne associates, on how Moisture Manager can help your company become more competitive.