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Why Should I Use a Soil Moisture Manager for Turf?

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January 19, 2018


Why Should I Use a Soil Moisture Manager for Turf?

Water management and labor shortages are two of the most common obstacles facing landscape professionals today. While both are difficult to predict, there are measures green industry leaders do (and should) take to ensure their efforts and resources are maximized. One such tool is soil moisture management technology like LESCO® Moisture Manager.

This unique technology reduces the need to water turf, flowers, shrubs and trees by 50% or more for up to 3 months. Not a wetting agent, soil surfactant or polymer gel, LESCO® Moisture Manager functions like tiny water magnets, attracting soil moisture vapor and converting it back into plant usable water droplets. This process reduces moisture loss to evaporation, makes more water available to plant roots, and assists in the uptake of nutrients. LESCO® Moisture Manager reduces watering requirements, prevents drought stress, minimizes wilt, combats localized dry spots, and increases seed germination while adhering to watering restrictions without sacrificing turf quality. It may be applied as a liquid or granular product seasonally or as part of a regular turf care program.

Check out the video below to learn how LESCO® Moisture Manager can help you (and your customers) make the best use of their time and money.


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