Hard to Beat. Even Harder to Break.

When you make your living outdoors, there are two things you need from your equipment—productivity and toughness. We got the message. That’s why we carry a full line of equipment that’s durable enough to bounce back from the punishment of professional work. Designed to save time and money, every piece of LESCO® equipment brings productivity to the job day after day and decade after decade.

Durable Construction
Time-Saving Features
Comprehensives Offerings

LESCO Equipment


Get ultimate productivity year after year with the top choice for professional landscapers.

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Handheld and Backpack Sprayers

Choose from a wide selection to get the right setup for your business.

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Truck-Mounted Sprayers

Go big, with equipment that delivers performance by the truckload.

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Winter Equipment

Make quick work of any job—this season and every season—with our ruggedly built spreaders.

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