Helping you save time and product with every application, the LESCO® Smart Guided® Precision Spray System pays for itself in no time.

Savings You Can't Afford to Ignore.

As an affordable bolt-on alternative to GPS sprayers, the LESCO Smart Guided Precision Spray System brings ultimate efficiency to your spray operations while ensuring the most precise application possible. Compatible with most sprayer brands and models, it’s easy to install and delivers savings that you’ll see year after year.

Labor Efficiency Icon
Labor Efficiency
With little training needed, you can get your workers up and running fast. The system does most of the work, so jobs are quickly completed without sacrificing quality.
Product Savings Icon
Product Savings
By setting your sprayer to precisely hit each area, you can cut product costs by up to 20%. For many contractors, this system pays for itself in the first year.
Guaranteed Precision Icon
Guaranteed Precision
With a two-inch level of accuracy, this system eliminates skips, overlaps, and off-target spraying. Combine that with a highly-consistent rate of application, and your customers get the most even application possible.
Simplified Record Keeping Icon
Simplified Recordkeeping
Access spray records with a few clicks and pull reports that show the product you applied, and where you applied it. That means regulatory compliance can be handled in a fraction of the time.
Install It on Almost Any Sprayer

As a bolt-on unit, the LESCO Smart Guided Precision Spray System can be easily added to your existing sprayer. Installation kits are available for the following models:

  • Toro Multi-Force 1200, 1250, 1750, 5600, 5700, 5800
  • John Deere HD200, HD300
  • Smithco Spray Star 1000, 1750, 3180
  • Cushman SprayTek DS-300
  • SDI Optimum
  • Hahn Spray Bug
What's Included

Each system includes everything you need to dial in the precision of your applications:

  • Android Tablet
  • GPS Antenna
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Nozzle Solenoids (Customizable from 8 to 13)
  • Sun Shade

To learn more about the LESCO Smart Guided Precision Spray System, visit your nearest SiteOne branch.

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