With 100% infused stabilized nitrogen, NOS fertilizer reduces nitrogen loss for up to 8 weeks.

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Give Nutrient Efficiency a Big-Time Boost

Formulated with dicyandiamide (DCD) infused stabilized nitrogen to reduce leaching and denitrification, LESCO® NOS (Nitrogen Optimization System) infused stabilized nitrogen allows you to get the most nutritional value from every application. With consistent, lasting performance tailored to those on a regular application schedule, NOS puts more green in your applications—and your wallet. 

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Increase Nutrient Uptake
Increased Nutrient Uptake and Efficiency
By reducing nitrogen loss, nutrients are more readily available for uptake, delivering more nutritional value to your plants.
Improved Greening Longevity
Improved Greening Longevity
Less leaching and denitrification leads to longer-lasting performance from the nutrients you put down.
High-Value Performance
High-Value Performance
Compared with other stabilized nitrogen products, NOS nitrogen stabilization system is fully incorporated to ensure every dollar you invest in nutrition is maximized. That’s why we say the secret to NOS is "Science from the Inside Out."


How it Works

NOS - How it Works

Step One

DCD, a nitrification inhibitor, is fully infused into the urea while in molten phase prior to the  granulation process. In the soil, this homogeneous infusion of nitrogen stabilizer slows the nitrogen conversion from ammonium to nitrate.

Step Two

Since ammonium is positively charged and soil is negatively charged, this compound bonds to soil longer and releases nutrients at a rate that matches the uptake of plants. By keeping nitrogen in the ammonium state longer, it reduces the potential for nitrate to be lost through leaching and denitrification. 

See the Results

Consistent Nitrogen Delivery

Compared to fertilizer blends with standard urea, NOS delivers a quick release of nitrogen for fast greening while holding improved nitrogen delivery throughout the duration of the application—over 70 days. 

Nitrogen Delivery


Improved Nitrogen Uptake

By reducing nitrogen loss for up to 72 days, NOS delivers a 60% increase in nitrogen uptake by the turf. 

Nitrogen Uptake


Product Details

Guaranteed Analysis:

46-0-0 – Standard SGN 230

46-0-0 – Mini SGN 150

*Mini prill available in 2020


  • 50-lb. bag (50 bags/pallet)
  • Spreadable or Sprayable

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