NOS Plus slow-release, stabilized nitrogen fertilizer gives your turf every possible advantage.

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Give Your Turf the Premium Treatment.

As our most advanced formulation yet, LESCO® NOS Plus delivers exclusive, industry-first dual mode of action release technologies. This gives your turf longer-lasting performance and ultimate nutrient efficiency. While an advanced polymer coating slowly releases stabilized nitrogen over time, the fully infused stabilized urea reduces nitrogen loss once nutrients are released. The result is highly efficient, performance that gives you more value from every bag.

Growth and Greening Icon
Lasting Growth and Greening
A slow release of infused stabilized nitrogen provides an enduring benefit to your turf. Unlike simple poly-coated fertilizer blends that deliver unprotected nitrogen, NOS Plus maximizes your fertility investment throughout the duration of the application.
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Increased Nutrient Uptake
By reducing nitrogen loss, nutrients are more readily available for uptake, consistently delivering enhanced nutritional efficiency for your plants. 
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Improved Labor Efficiency
The ultimate in greening control, NOS Plus delivers all the slow-release benefits of poly-coated products with additional nitrogen efficiency through a metered release of DCD-infused urea. This extends nitrogen availability in the soil. 
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Better Return on Investment
Compared to all other stabilized nitrogen products, NOS Plus combines the power of fully incorporated stabilized nitrogen with an additional layer of poly coated control release to ensure that every dollar you invest in nutrition is fully protected throughout.  That’s why we say the secret to NOS Plus is “Science From the Inside Out”.
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Less Environmental Impact
By limiting volatilization and leaching, NOS Plus protects environmental quality and meets the slow-release technology mandates as required in certain jurisdictions.

How it Works

Nos Plus - How it Works

Step One

Soil moisture penetrates the polymer coating through osmosis. Water passes through the outer layer, dissolving and releasing the nutrients inside. 

Step Two

DCD, a water-soluble nitrification inhibitor, has been fully infused into the urea during the homogeneous granulation process. In the soil, this compound slows the nitrogen conversion from ammonium to nitrate. The dissolved stabilized nitrogen is then released via diffusion through pores in the polymer coating.

Step Three

Since ammonium is positively charged and soil is negatively charged, this compound bonds to soil longer and releases nutrients at a rate that matches the uptake of plants. By keeping nitrogen in the ammonium state longer, it reduces the potential for nitrate to be lost through leaching and denitrification.

See the Results

Consistent Nitrogen Delivery

Compared to fertilizer blends with standard urea, un-incorporated stabilized nitrogen or simply poly coated urea, NOS Plus consistently delivers stabilized nitrogen throughout the duration of the application—over 70 days.  

Nitrogen Delivery

Improved Nitrogen Uptake

By reducing nitrogen loss for up to 72 days, NOS Plus delivers the maximum level of nutrition efficiency, making more nutrients available to your turf.

Nitrogen Uptake

Product Details

Guaranteed Analysis:

45-0-0 – Standard SGN

45-0-0 – Mini SGN

*Mini prill available in 2020. 


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