PolyPlus-Opti controlled-release fertilizer delivers consistent nutrients for up to six months.

Get Longer Lasting Performance.

Engineered with a polymer coating that meters nitrogen over time, LESCO® PolyPlus-Opti makes it easier to deliver linear, consistent greening over time. With a blend of coating thicknesses that deliver 90-, 120- and 180-day release rates, it offers lasting performance plus operational advantages. 

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Growth and Greening IconFast Greening and Consistent Growth

A controlled release of nitrogen provides an enduring benefit to your turf. Unlike most controlled-release products, PolyPlus-Opti delivers the advantages of quick greening plus linear release over time for perfect turf between applications.  




Protection Against Nitrogen BurnProtection Against Nitrogen Burn

By precisely managing the release of nitrogen in the critical first three days following an application, PolyPlus-Opti prevents the wasteful release of nitrogen that could result in burn.  




Increased Labor Efficiency IconIncreased Labor Efficiency

Delivering up to six months of performance every time you apply, PolyPlus-Opti allows you to make fewer applications and optimize labor hours. 




Better Return on Investment IconBetter Return on Investment

Long-lasting performance means you can get the same healthy, green turf you expect while optimizing your invested dollar in turf nutrition.  




PolyPlus-Opti How it Works

Step One

Once applied, soil moisture penetrates the polymer coating through osmosis. Water passes through the outer layer, dissolving the nutrients inside.

Step Two

Dissolved nutrients release via diffusion through pores in the polymer coating. 

Step Three

Release rate and longevity are controlled by coating thickness (90-, 120- and 180-day) and soil temperature, allowing custom delivery of nutrition based on your needed length of feeding.



50-lb. bag

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