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Healthier turf. A stronger business.

Nitrogen is one of the key building blocks of plant nutrition. But this valuable nutrient is often overused—or not used to its full potential—in traditional fertilizers. By controlling the release of nitrogen, LESCO® PolyPlus Extended Release and PolyPlus Season Long fertilizers can help you promote a healthier greening response, use less labor and build a more successful business.

See what PolyPlus can do for you.

  • Maximize Root Health and Minimize Thatch
  • Reduce Nitrogen Leaching and Water Usage
  • Decrease Mowings and Clippings
  • Lower Equipment Maintenance and Fuel Costs
  • Take on More Customers While Minimizing Labor Costs
  • Get More Value Out of Every Bag

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LESCO PolyPlus XR and SL are helping your fellow landscape professionals put down less nitrogen and use less labor, all while growing revenues and their customer base. Hear from them, and SiteOne associates, on how PolyPlus can help your company become more competitive.